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Gel Nail Polish

Are you tired of re-coating your nails with enamel after every 4 – 6 days? Does Your nail polish keep chipping off?

Then here’s the solution for your problems – Gel Nail Polish...

A lot, has been done in recent years in the nail polish industry due to most women complaining of frequent application of their favourite nail polish. As compared to the ordinary nail colour the gel nail polish sticks to your nails for around 3 – 4 weeks. You will get nails that are protected and sealed, yet tough and flexible.

before after nails with gel polishThe Gel Nail polish is a new and amazing gel polish product launched in the cosmetic industry. They are a bonus for those very busy ladies who love to maintain their perfect nails or who are going on a long vacation. They are just like an ordinary nail polish and come in similar bottles.

However, their functioning is a bit different and the results are simply great, smudge free and long lasting.

So why not try our Gel Nail polish and see for yourself!

£15.00 Fingers or Toes

£20.00 Removal of old GEL and re-apply new GEL colour to fingers or toes

just few colours for gel polish nails

blue gel polish nailspeach gel polish nails