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RF Skin Tightening Facial

The radio frequency device uses a sophisticated treatment tip that delivers a controlled amount of RF energy heat that is delivered uniformly causing deep structures in your skin to tighten and overtime, new and remodelled collagen is produced to further tighten skin resulting in healthier, smoother skin and a more youthful appearance.

It is commonly used to treat:

-the forehead (lift brows and tightens forehead skin

-under the eyes (thickens skin and tightens and lifts the upper cheek skin
before and after rf skin tighening
-cheeks (lifts slightly and diminishes enlarged pores

-mid-face, jaw line (diminishes jowling and sagging along the 

-neck (tightens skin and diminishes wrinkling of the neck

-acne vulgaris, including severe, cystic acne and stretch .

What results can I expect?
During procedure, I will use radio frequency to precisely heat the skin's inner layer (dermis).  Following treatment, you can immediately resume all routine activities. You may notice slight redness, which should disappear in less than 24 hours. To achieve good results, a package of eight to ten treatments in two-week intervals is required.

Your skin will be smoother, firmer, and tighter immediately after radio frequency treatment. You may also notice some contouring effects which will begin enhancing the shape of your face.  After the procedure, you should continue to see improvements to your skin, as a result of the production of new and increased collagen, as well as some additional contouring effects due to continued tightening over time. Results vary depending on age and skin condition.

How soon will I see results?
Immediate results are usually visible and improve over time. Measurable tightening and contouring improvements appear gradually over a two to six month time period following treatment sessions.

How long will the results last?
Face and Body radiofrequency procedures stimulate new natural collagen production for up to six months following a treatment package. Results can be long-lasting depending upon the age, skin condition and the patient’s natural aging process.
Radio Frequency facial treatment for skin tightening and wrinkle removal
How many treatments will I need?
I will determine the course of treatment that is right for you, based on your needs and goals. Usually about 8-10 treatments in two-week intervals are necessary to see good results.

Is it painful?
While pain tolerance is individual, most people responds to RF treatment well, and have little or virtually painless. Customers often describe the sensation as a 'warm massage'. The procedure is not accompanied by any significant side effects.  After treatment, your skin may be very little red for less than 24 hours. But most people resume regular activities immediately after treatment, with no downtime or special follow-up care.

£25 Per treatment